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Great content builds relationships. Relationships are built on trust. Trust drives revenue

The Mortgage & Property Magazine will enable your business to connect and engage with your audience, whether that’s existing clients, prospective clients or professional introducers.

The digital marketplace offers your audience a greater range of options than previously experienced. Now, the majority of value is gathered over time through a continuing cycle of commitment and recommitment.

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Continued future success well into the future

Client loyalty will, therefore, become paramount to long-term growth and success; nurturing your audience will set your business up for continued future success well into the future.

Engagement helps to continually demonstrate your commitment to them and allows you to deliver value at every phase of the buyer’s journey.


Engage at every stage

Your buyer’s journey consists of a four-phase process

Ultimately, you need to be engaging with a prospective buyer throughout their entire decision-making process, not just at the close. This makes The Mortgage & Property Magazine the perfect solution to create increased brand awareness, with regular touch-points adding further prospective buyer value and increased sales opportunities.

Understanding how your prospective buyers think!


Awareness Phase:

They realise they have a need or problem that requires solving (but this may be in 12 months time).


Consideration Phase:

They define their need or problem and research options (service providers) to solve it now.


Decision Phase:

They choose a solution (a service provider) now.


Retention/Loyalty Phase:

They have future needs or problems they’ll require solving (remortgaging to another scheme/provider, funding buy-to-let investment opportunities, making first-time buyer recommendations to their children/grandchildren, etc).

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