All your questions

All your questions answered

Q. What can my clients read about in each edition?

A. Over 40 articles feature in every edition. Each article provides the highest quality journalistic standards of impartial, insightful journalism covering a diverse range of seasonal property and mortgage topics.

The timely editorial content in each edition is created to reflect the needs and interests of the clients of mortgage advisers and brokers, as well as estate agents. Articles cover first-time buyers, people looking to remortgage, buy-to-let investors, and new and existing buyers interested in all aspects of mortgages and property matters.

Articles are written in an informative style and tone that directly connects with each reader. Each article features a call-to-action to encourage the reader to make contact with your firm and to obtain further information. The call-to-actions are personalised with your company name, contact telephone number and contact email address.

Q. How will each edition be personalised?

A. You can choose from one of three different front cover image choices for each edition. The front cover is fully personalised and features your company logo, company name, company branding, contact details and regulatory statement (if required).

Each article includes a call-to-action at the end of the piece to encourage the reader to make contact with you and to create further business opportunities.

Personalised adverts appear throughout each edition to promote other services you offer and to create more touch-points that generate enquiries and leads.

Your photograph and job title can be included in the ‘Welcome’ introduction.

Each edition demonstrates superior execution in layout, photography and art direction. Articles are carefully designed with contemporary typography and alluring photography, all with the intent of creating greater reader engagement and interaction.

The imagery interacts with the copy for compelling word-image stories. The predominantly white brand design is clear and simple to showcase and reflect a modern and empathetic ‘thought-provoking’ and personal approach.

Q. How can I use each edition?

A. You can upload each edition to your website ‘Knowledge’, ‘Resource’ area or homepage for visitors to read online or download. Set up a simple GDPR compliant data capture form to harvest and collect visitor data before allowing each edition to be downloaded and use this for future marketing activities – for example, obtain a visitor’s contact name, telephone number and email address.

Email each edition to existing clients, prospective clients and professional introducers. (We recommend embedding a link into the body of the email that directs the recipient to where your magazine is located on your website. This will provide a better experience and benefits your website search engine optimisation. If you attach a PDF edition as part of an email marketing campaign, you run the risk of the email being blocked by spam filters.)

You can increase sales performance by creating email marketing campaigns and email sequences, use targeted articles from each edition via your CRM marketing platform to optimise every stage of the sales funnel and track and monitor every prospect’s sales journey from start to finish. Don’t forget the adage: ‘Know your buyer, generate more sales.’

Each article provides ready-made content to post on your website or social media channels. (Consider how much you are currently paying a third-party provider to write this type of content, or how much time and resources it is currently taking and costing to produce in-house.)

Use the article content from each edition to post individual blogs and include a call-to-action to encourage copies to be downloaded (use a GDPR compliant data capture form to harvest data for future marketing activities).

Use articles from each edition to create tweets or LinkedIn posts, and embed links into each notification that link the recipient back to your website where the full article can be read or downloaded.

Use articles in conjunction with all social media platforms you use, for example, LinkedIn and Twitter

Include each edition as part of your email ‘Welcome Pack’ and new client onboarding process. This is a highly effective way to start off your business relationship and will create a positive impression to showcase why you are different from your competitors.

Q. When is each edition published? And how frequently?

A. Editions are produced on a quarterly basis. They are published January, February, March – April, May June – July, August, September – October, November, December.

Q. How much is one year’s subscription (4 editions)?

A. Initial onboarding fee - £697.00 one-off:
You choose from one of three different front cover image choices. We create and provide a personalised front cover artwork proof for you to approve.

We create and provide your personalisation artwork proofs for 7 different adverts.

Monthly digital subscription - £147.00 per month:

  • Personalised front cover on each edition.
  • Personalised ‘Welcome’ introduction and photograph featured in each edition.
  • 7 personalised adverts in each edition.
  • Each article features a personalised call-to-action and your firm’s name and contact details.
  • Over 40 topical articles included within every edition.
  • Unlimited access to use each article to share on your social media platforms and blog posts.
  • Unlimited access to use articles for your email marketing campaigns.
  • Upload your personalised magazine to your website and App news and resource pages.

Q. How long is the subscription?

A. Your minimum subscription term will be 12 months (4 editions) from your subscription start date, which will be made known to you when you sign up. Your subscription will auto-renew annually unless you cancel, subject to our terms and conditions.

Q. How can I contact your Client Services Team?

A. If you have any questions or concerns, please call us on 0845 686 0055.
Call us Monday to Friday 9am to 5.30pm. Alternatively, email us at: enquiries@themortgageandpropertymagazine.co.uk